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Busting myths about money and how it works for three decades.

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  • The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation
    The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation

    How to achieve your money goals sooner and safer, in good times and bad.

    REVIEW: "The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation is an easy, worthwhile read for both new and experienced investors at any life stage. It can be read sequentially or you can jump to topics of particular interest to you."

    My new book is the distillation of a quarter century of experience helping rescue thousands of people from their misconceptions about how money works and how to achieve financial security.


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  • Big Talker Radio
    Big Talker Radio

    John Girouard's radio show airs Wednesday mornings on the Washington, DC CBS affiliate ("The Big Talker") from 9 to 10 o'clock, right after Michael Smerconish.

    John brings to a general listening audience the concepts he has developed over the past three decades and interprets developing events in the news, politics, and finance to demystify how money actually works and bust a few common myths along the way. Click on any of the live links below to listen to past shows or go to the station's web site to learn more.

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